Fam. Advocaten

Fam. Advocaten is an Amsterdam-based law firm specialised in family law, inheritance law and mediation. This means that we serve your personal interests as an attorney or your common interests as a mediator. Whether we act as attorney or as divorce mediator for both of you, we also always keep the interests of others, for example children, in mind.

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What do we do?

Fam. Advocaten is a law firm specialised in the fields of family law and inheritance law. We serve your interests in the event of a lawsuit. We also serve the shared interests of all parties as a lawyer-mediator. For example in case of a divorce, but also for matters of inheritance.

Family law

Family law covers many aspects, including (among others) divorce, as well as alimony payment calculations.

Inheritance law

An important aspect of inheritance law is the settlement of an estate. We can assist you in dividing an inheritance, but also give advice when drafting a will or when appealing to your forced share (legitime).


Our mediators assist our clients through mediation in matters surrounding family law and inheritance law. In mediation, the goal is to settle an agreement without the need for a court procedure.


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