About us

Fam. Advocaten is an Amsterdam-based law firm specialised in family law, inheritance law and mediation. This means that we serve your personal interests as a lawyer or your common interests as a mediator. Whether we act as your lawyer or as a divorce mediator for both of you, we also always keep the interests of others, for example children, in mind.

We prefer sustainable solutions over fast, ad hoc decisions. However, if fast action is required, Fam. Advocaten is able to operate on a clear basis for you.

We often work together with experts able to perfect our work, such as a children’s coach, who can support the children involved, so they too have a voice and a counselor. Other examples include a tax specialist or a pension adviser.

Who is who

The founding partners established Fam. Advocaten with a passion for family law and interest in the individuals involved. “First the people, then the case.” They have extensive experience in this approach, in addition to expertise on specific focus areas, such as surrogacy, international affairs, financial issues or mediation. The founding partners do everything possible to stay on top of their field. A brief introduction to the founding partners below.