Inheritance law

Inheritance law

In inheritance law emotions often play a leading role. After all, a will or family history can often be the cause of complicated personal, legal and business issues. A specialised inheritance law attorney can guide you in this. Inheritance issues are often subject to many tight deadlines. It is important to act quickly. The sooner you first seek advice, the more options you have.

Requesting an inheritance lawyer

Increasingly it is necessary to hire a lawyer for the settlement of an estate. Parents often have substantial assets. Growing disagreement may occur among heirs on how the inheritance should be distributed.

Inheritance law before and after 2003

All information on this website concerns the law of inheritance since 2003. However, the legislation from before 2003 is of importance in certain cases, for example for a will drawn up before 2003.

If you face a problem in the communication between all parties involved with respect to inheritance, it may be in your best interest to choose inheritance mediation. It often saves excessive costs, since all involved heirs will share attorney fees in potential legal proceedings.