Family law

Family law in Amsterdam

Fam. Advocaten is an Amsterdam-based law firm specialised in family law. We always try to come to the best possible agreement with all parties. This way you will have a tailored solution, preventing a lengthy process in court. Should a court procedure still be necessary, then our family law attorneys have years of experience in litigation.

Aspects of family law

Family law covers many aspects, including divorce. Our attorneys and mediators offer help with a divorce, either as a lawyer for one of the spouses or as a mediator for both spouses. We always keep the interests of children in mind if they are involved in a divorce.

Alimony calculation

Another part of our work is to make a calculation for alimony payments. Our attorneys and mediators have the expertise to make a calculation on both child and spouse maintenance.

On this page we give you more information on the topics covered by family law that we have expertise in at our firm. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our family law specialists