Mediation can provide a solution when people are in conflict with each other and want to form a solution together, without the need for a judge to decide. We strive for a sustainable solution. Not only will this avoid a legal — and sometimes costly — battle, it also offers a customised solution. Those involved decide which topics should be discussed, with the mediator playing a neutral role, but helping the parties to come to a solution.

Mediation agreements

Mediation takes place on a confidential basis and participation can only be on a voluntary basis. During the first meeting clear agreements will be made to underscore this, which will be determined in a mediation agreement.

Mediation together with lawyers

Where the parties still need an expert who solely serves the interests of one party, it is possible to sit down with all parties involved assisted by a private attorney and mediated by a neutral mediator. The intention however will be that parties come to a solution.

Our specialised mediators work from our office in Amsterdam and can assist our clients through mediation in a range of family law topics. For instance, our mediators help in divorce, but also in the settlement of an estate.