Dianne Kroezen

Dianne Kroezen specialises in (international) family law. She often deals with international child abduction cases and therefore regularly works together with lawyers in other countries. She also has extensive experience in the preparation of (international) parenting plans. In addition to her work as a lawyer, she also works as a divorce mediator and guardian ad litem.

Dianne Kroezen has been a lawyer since 1998. Since November 2015 she has been President of the Board of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). As a certified mediator, she is affiliated with the Federation of Mediators of the Netherlands (MfN) and with ‘connection mediation’. She is also a member of the Association for Family and Juvenile Law and the Child Abduction Lawyers Association. She is also affiliated with the International Child Abduction Centre (IKO) and a member of two peer groups.

Vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators

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